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We deliver bespoke projects that provide the platform for cancer patients, and survivors to come forward and share their stories. For us, it is important to build a picture of the overall patient experience for POC. We also work in conjunction with mainstream cancer support charities and brands to ensure that the experiences of our patrons are being heard, and are reaching the right people to bring about change. Our projects are listed below. 

Our ground-breaking debut project consisting of x5 monthly support groups, a podcast, a magazine and home to the UK’s first ever all Black female portrait exhibition. All the projects are centred around the experiences of women who have or have survived cancer. Our aim is to empower women of colour to share their stories and help shape the future of cancer support/treatment services to improve outcomes for POC cancer patients. View the website here

Black Girl Rising, aims to raise awareness about cancer among young women of colour under 40. We seek to provide support and create a safe space for these women to share their experiences. Our goal is to educate and raise awareness about the unique impact of cancer on young women of colour, highlighting the need for early detection and proper care. Through our efforts, we hope to empower young women of colour to take control of their health and well-being.

Following the success of Black Women Rising, we launched Black Men Rising as a response to the growing need for support services for black men who have or have survived cancer. Our aim is to listen and empower men of colour as well as provide a safe space for men to connect and be supported through their cancer journeys.

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